The European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) is the umbrella organisation for police unions and staff organisations in Europe.

Based in Luxembourg, we represent the interests of  police officers across the whole of the European landscape.

EuroCOP is tackling issues from police cooperation across borders to a safer working environment for police officers on the street. We are determined to contribute to European policy debates and provide added value by giving a practitioners perspective.

EuroCOP was established in November 2002, and is an independent, non-profit and secular organisation and has no affiliation with any government or political party. Financed through member contributions, EuroCOP is open to any organisation representing police officers in member countries of the European Union or the Council of Europe.

EuroCOP is the only Police representative body that are members of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the European Trade Union Federation (ETUF). EuroCOP also has participation rights  in the Council of Europe.

EuroCOP Executive Committee

Elected by Congress, the Executive Committee is in charge of the day to day business of the organisation. Its current seven members meet on a monthly basis and represent EuroCOP towards the outside world. They are also tasked with preparing EuroCOP Committee meetings and Congresses.

The Executive Committee of EuroCOP is  composed of the President, Vice President, Head of Office, Treasurer and two further members.

Current members of the Executive Committee are:

Calum Steele


Calum Steele was elected as General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) in 2008.

In addition to representing the interests of all ranks below superintendent, Calum is also the lead negotiator for pay and conditions for all of Scotland’s police officers. Calum has 27 years police service and was privileged to serve in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Scotland before taking up a full time position with the SPF.

Calum is also the General Secretary of the International Council of Police Representative Associations (ICPRA) which brings together police and law enforcement unions and associations from across the world, collectively representing approx. 1.5 million police officers and has spoken at a number of policing events across the world.

Unn Alma Skatvold

Vice President

Unn Alma Skatvold was elected as the vice-president of the Norwegian police federation in 2013. The federation organize all members of the police, including civil workers, lawyers and leaders.

Unn Alma started as an police-officer in 1996 and before becoming a full-time trustee she worked at the border to Sweden with mostly border-crime related issues, but also patrolling in her district where she lives.

Unn Alma also has different roles in the second-largest umbrella-organisation in Norway, UNIO. UNIO represent workers with higher education and together with the police are nurses, teachers and scientist among others. 

Mark Marshallsay


Mark Marshallsay was elected as General Secretary of the British Transport Police Federation (BTPF) in March 2020. Prior to this, Mark served as the Treasurer for BTPF, for three years.

Mark joined British Transport Police (BTP) in October 1992 and has performed a variety of policing roles, taking him the length and breadth of the UK, before becoming a full time member of the BTPF National Executive.

Georgios Stamatakis

ExCOm Member

Georgios Stamatakis was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of EuroCOP in 2015 being the first Greek Police officer occupying a European police union office. 

Georgios has been a police officer for 20 years. 

He currently serves at the Directorate division of Security for West Attiki, dealing with public safety ,the preservation of State security and constitution and also conducting undercover investigations. 

In 2013, Georgios became a Board member of the newly formed Union of ‘Police Officers for the west region of Attiki, as well as a representative of the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers. He was elected as General Secretary of the Union of Police Officers in the west region of Attiki in 2013.

Angels Bosch Camprecios

Excom Member

From Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Has been with the police since 1992. Member of the Catalan Police force, Mossos d’Esquadra, he has worked as shift manager on the front line and also in the investigation area. She currently pays active service in a police station in the city of Barcelona and knows first-hand the everyday challenges of the Police officers working on the front line.

EuroCOP is a key organization where police across Europe can denounce the precarious situation in which many police officers find themselves. Most police officers must work and serve the citizens without adequate resources. Proud of her colleagues and how they deal everyday with the challenges of policing in an always challenging and changing environment, Angels wants politicians to be committed to the Police: “Police officers risk their lives every day on the streets to protect citizens. In exchange, they should be offered adequate labour conditions, decent wages to support their families and, of course, the necessary resources to serve and protect citizen in the way they deserve”

Nigel Dennis

Head of office

Nigel Dennis commenced his uniformed Police service in 1977 with Hampshire Constabulary. In 1980, he joined the UKAEAC which later became the Civil Nuclear Constabulary in the United Kingdom. He concluded his Police Service in 2020.

During his long career, he has undertaken many and varied operational policing roles that has taken him around the world.

In 2008 he was appointed to the role  of Chief Executive of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation.During this period he significantly raised  the profile  of this organisation and negotiated better terms and conditions for his members that replicated the rest of the UK Police service.


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