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EuroCOP 2015 – Cuts Hurts Cops

EuroCOP 2014 – Challenges for Europe’s police officers

Who are CEPOL?

EuroCOP Statements

EuroCOP Statement on Police Offers and EU Migration Crisis September 2015

EuroCOP Statement to the European Parliament LIBE Committee on the fight against terrorism and the challenges for EU internal security April 2015

EuroCOP Open Letter to Policymakers on EU Security February 2015

EuroCOP Statement on French Attacks January 2015

EuroCOP Statement on the New European Agenda on Security, focus on EU value-added – May 2014

EuroCOP welcomes the Conclusion of the European Committee of Social Rights on the rights of Irish police officers – May 2014

New Justice and Home Affairs policy fills the post-Stockholm gap, but lacks ambition – March 2014

EuroCOP 2025 Charter January 2014

Position Papers

Health & Safety

Social Rights for Police

Data Retention

Position Paper Counter Terrorism

Position Paper Counter Crisis


EuroCOP Charter 2025

EuroCOP Declaration

2014-04-30 RESOLUTION_Social Dialogue

2013-03-05 RESOLUTION_Greek_Position


2012-10-30 RESOLUTION_Impact_Austerity


2011-08-25 Police Rights

2011-08-10 Schengen Acquis Bulgaria and Romania

2011-06-28 Resolution on the European Court of Human Rights

2011-06-07 External Borders

2010-05-10 Financial Crisis

2010-05-10 Financial Crisis

2010-05-10 Financial Crisis

2010-05-10 Financial Crisis

2010-05-10 Financial Crisis