Closing the information gap Remarks by Julian King at a press conference on interoperability

On a press conference on 12 December Julian King said:

“Police and border guards shouldn’t face blind spots. They should have the information they need, when and where they need it: data that is complete, accurate and reliable.”

From our point of view this is a big step forward and now we hope to see its implementation on the field as soon as possible to see the results. In all the meetings we have during the last year with Europol, with the MEPs and also with the President of the Commission Jean Claude Junker we demanded that step in the right direction:

“When the police verify identity documents, they will get all the information they need on a single screen. Rather than having to decide which database to check, they will have a “one stop shop”, simultaneously checking against multiple systems”

You can read the whole text from the press conference here: