A shortage of police officers and a rise in assaults against the police are growing concerns for the Slovakian Police Federation.
Pavol Paračka, Chair of the Slovakian Police Federation (Odborový zväz polície v Slovenskej republike) said: “The main problem for us today is the low number of police officers and the number of police officers who are going into retirement.
“To attract more officers, the first step is to make social status for our police officers better, through legislative as well as practical measures. Work of a police officer must be respected by the public and state as well.
“The second step, which is very important for us, is to make our material and technical equipment better and modernize it for the 21st century challenges.”
Pavol added that assaults against officers were slightly increasing in Slovakia, and that the Federation was changing experiences with its EuroCOP colleagues.
He said: “In the past there wasn’t so much abuse against police officers, but it has escalated over the past period, mainly connected with the Covid measures that were brought by the Government.
The discussion at EuroCOP meetings is a starting point for us to prepare for more situations like this in the future.”