Dear Colleagues,
As we race towards Christmas and a New Year, it is customary to reflect on what has happened in the preceding 12 months whilst looking with optimism to the opportunities a new year can bring.
2020 will be remembered by everyone as the year an invisible virus turned the world on its head and wreaked havoc on our day to day lives. It will be remembered as the year of home working, of zoom and teams meetings, and social distancing and mask wearing. 2020 is the year we all respected our teachers that little bit more as we took on the challenge of home education, and our love and appreciation for health workers everywhere has grown and grown.
We have all been touched by Covid in some way, and even the non-religious amongst us are probably praying that the vaccines either already in the marketplace, or still in development are effective and allow us to get back to a degree of normality as soon as possible
As the service of last resort it is not surprising that no country in Europe has faced the Covid challenges without calling on their police for help. Our friends and colleagues have been right on that frontline, and whilst millions work from home, most of our colleagues cannot. We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.
Covid has clearly dominated our lives but cannot forget that for the police in particular, the real world carries on and we need to respond. Violence and terrorism has not stopped with Covid, and we all know families who will have an empty seat at their table as their loved ones went to work but never made it home. Please make sure and remember those for whom Christmas will be particularly poignant this year.
Finally this will be a holiday season like no other; please take time to recharge and relax if you can. Switch the laptop off if you can and make the most of the time with your families, and lets all hope that in 2021 we are able to see each for a hug or handshake.
May you all have a peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year.
Calum Steele
EuroCOP President

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