An official negotiating machinery for the pay and conditions of Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers has been agreed by the Force, Police Authority and Federation – meaning greater protection for the rights and entitlements of officers.

Known as a Foundation Collective Agreement, there is now in effect a legally enforceable contract between the CNPA and the CNPF when it comes to Terms and Conditions of Service for members.

This means that should the Federation not agree with the Force or Police Authority position when it comes to – for instance – pay rise negotiations in the future, then all parties have agreed to go to mediation and potentially arbitration to reach decisions/resolve any disagreements.

“This agreement is a positive approach in employer/employee relations and will provide our members with a defined framework and pathway in which all parties can work in an effective and constructive way for the benefit of all,” said Nigel Dennis, Chief Executive of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation (pictured left). “Such agreements are necessary under employment and labour relations legislation in the UK to enable an employer (the CNPA) and a trade union or staff association to negotiate new terms and conditions of service for employees.”

“We’ve never had it legally enshrined within any framework that we can move through from mediation through to arbitration to protects our members. It gives us a route, a pathway which, whoever follows in our shoes can work from.”

“Previously, if we didn’t agree, we would have constantly been in negotiations. There’s never been an endgame where we would go to mediation. Now we have that. This is great news for our members.”

The Federation said the full details of how the arbitration will work are still to be finalised. The agreement can be used for anything that affects the welfare and efficiency of CNPF members, it added.

Mark Nelson, CNPF Chairman, said this was another important development for the Federation after the announcement last month that CNC officers would have pay parity with Home Office colleagues.

“Over the last ten years, this force has changed massively,” said Mark. “There has been a recognition of what our officers now do with Operation Temperer, in regards to pay, terms and conditions. Our members are delivering and have delivered for UK PLC.”
“With Op Temperer 826 officers this year alone have been deployed on the streets of the UK. Why should they be treated any different from our colleagues who we patrol alongside with on those very same streets?”
“We’re now in the 21st century when it comes to pay and with this agreement, our members now have a period of stability and security for both themselves and their families in the future.”

Nigel concluded: “It’s all about recognition of the high skills that CNC police officers have and are continuing to develop. You’ve got some of the best trained firearms officers in the UK. We are well-trained, well-equipped and very adaptable to meet the challenge.”

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