EuroCOP Meeting with E.U Commissioner Helena Dalli  ( Equality and Inclusion )

Meeting Notes – 16th February 2021

Vice-President Unn Alma Skatvold presented EuroCOP and its 4 key goals:

She also raised the question of gender equality in the police forces and the idea that EuroCOP would be happy to share information and data with the European Commission collected through the national members associations.

President Calum Steele mentioned also the need about trust between the law enforcement authorities and citizens. He also informed her about the letter sent to Maltese Prime Minister about the lack of meaningful social dialogue with the Malta Police Association.

Commissioner Dalli, in charge of Equality, mentioned the fact that she has good contact with Scotland.

She shared the initiatives in her portfolio that are of interest for EuroCOP:

She underlined the fact that the European Commission needs data. She considered this meeting as a first step and hopes that the dialogue will continue. She also raised the problem about the fact that only bad stories make the news and the visibility of a better cooperation could help to complement the work made by the European Commission

The question of disability and some examples in national police forces have been given. To answer to this issue, Commissioner Dalli announced that the European Commission will adopt in few weeks a Disability Rights Strategy and she would be interested to speak again with EuroCOP when it is published.


In recent months EUROCOP’s Excom have had meetings with;

EU Vice President Margartis Schinas (  Promoting European way of Life ) 

EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson ( Home Affairs ) 

EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit ( Jobs and Social Rights ) 

EU Commissioner Helena Dalli ( Equality and Inclusion )

The Excom have also held  meeting’s  with MEP’s  across the political spectrum.

These meetings  build on the  strategic objective of the  EuroCOP Action Plan 2020-2024;  In raising the confederations profile in the E.U Community at the highest level, demonstrating our values motivations and activities.

What has become clear in these meetings is  that EuroCOP are being recognised as an important stakeholder with on the ground operational experience which is valued by policy makers.

The Excom  with the assistance of our strategic advisors will robustly build EuroCOP profile, so it can provide the  trusted insight to the challenges faced by the  Police Service across the European landscape.



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