The Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela MP

Dear Prime Minister,

Weakened Social dialogue with the Malta Police Association.

I refer to the above and write to you on behalf of the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) about an issue of emerging concern and tension. EuroCOP is the leading police representative body within the European community.

I appreciate you may already be aware but I consider you will agree with me that it is better to be told twice, than not at all. The issue is in respect of a lack of meaningful social dialogue with the Malta Police Association (MPA).

EuroCOP is concerned to learn of situations where appropriate and meaningful social dialogue with MPA is simply being bypassed. We have learned that the Maltese Government, and the Maltese Police Commissioner have recently adopted a number of decisions that will have a lasting impact on the socio-economic position of police officers in Malta.

It is a matter of concern that such decisions have been taken in the absence of purposeful social dialogue with the MPA. We understand this is in breach of the established decision-making process that exist, and that these stipulate such decisions can only be made through dialogue with your social partners.

You will be aware that social dialogue standards have gradually developed in the European Union over the years, generating a sense of mutual trust and understanding between social partners. EuroCOP simply cannot condone developments that have the appearance of a very deliberate policy of attempting to exclude social partners, thus avoiding social dialogue and undermining its very foundations.

To avoid further deterioration, EuroCOP asks you to reaffirm your Government’s commitment, in alignment with the European model, to ensuring that the basic foundation of active social dialogue and collective bargaining occurs at all levels. We ask your Government to ensure sincere and meaningful involvement with the MPA in the best interest of your country, its police service, and police officers.

Yours sincerely,

Calum Steele

President – European Confederation of Police
15TH February 2021.

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