Regarding the situation for police officers in Myanmar
The Police Union in Denmark would like to draw your attention to the situation in Myanmar after the Military “take over” 1 February 2021. From a national, Danish civilian group called the ”Myanmar Action Group Denmark”, who works to support the citizens in Myanmar after the military coup, we have received information about supposedly 200 deserted police officers, who have denied to fight their own public through torture, arrests and killings. Those police officers, who wants to keep up the ethical standards being professionals, have had to flee into the jungle into an area, which is not under control of the military. Those police officers now needs support and assistance to get basic needs as food and water to survive.

The Police Union in Denmark has expressed our great concern about the situation in Myanmar after the military coup and our sympathy to the work of “Myanmar Action Group Denmark”, especially in connection with the deserted police officers as well as the continued support to regain democracy in Myanmar.

The Police Union in Denmark being a politically independent trade union cannot specifically give economical support to the ”Myanmar Action Group Denmark”, but we would like to draw EuroCOP and ICPRA´s attention to the situation in Myanmar. And – if possible – to ask, if EuroCOP or ICPRA in any way could support the deserted police officers in Myanmar through the cooperation between other Unions in the world – especially if you work with organizations in the immediate area close to Myanmar.

No matter what, a support for the deserted police officers could boost morale with them.

Contact person in ”Myanmar Action Group Denmark” is Liv Stoltze Gaborit, Postdoc, Lund University, Sweden – mail: [email protected] –

Best regards,
Heino Kegel
The Police Union in Denmark

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