In the wake of the war in Ukraine, EuroCOP has vowed to redouble its efforts to attempt to move The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training out of Hungary.
Addressing delegates at the EuroCOP Spring Committee Meeting, President Calum Steele discussed how a collaborative approach from European Policing Trade Unions and Staff Associations can support those in war torn countries.
Calum, pictured, said: “I have written to the President of the Council of Europe urging political leadership to ensure we are able to do all we can to ensure the witness testimony of millions is not lost to time.
“Every single member of EuroCOP must press the same case with our domestic governments. At the most basic level, humanity demands this of us; We owe the people of Ukraine nothing less.
“Beyond that EuroCOP has time and again raised the fact that CEPOL is currently based in Hungary. Hungary has a pitiful human rights record and is shamefully silent on the brutality of Putin’s actions.
“It is past time that the European Union acted on the legitimacy it provides to Hungary by housing the European Agency for Police Law Enforcement Training there.
“Policing is one of the cornerstones of liberal democracies and cannot be permitted to be used as a either a source of revenue, or political legitimacy for a county that has consistently shown an abject disregard for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
“I believe EuroCOP must now redouble its efforts and seek the immediate relocation of CEPOL out of Hungary and seek your support to pursue such a course of action.”
Calum also used his speech to highlight how EuroCop will keep pushing for the safety of colleagues across the continent.
He concluded: “I wish to highlight two specific incidents that serve as a stark reminder of what our members do – on and off duty.
“Our letter to the members of the LIBE committee on the violence faced by police officers coincided with the brutal and senseless murder of two officers in Germany. Both shot dead in the roadway after stopping a car for a check.
“We also remember our colleague in Lisbon who was kicked to death whilst off duty just a few short weeks ago. He and his colleagues intervened to protect others. They identified themselves as police officers and were targeted as a result. Sadly, he lost his fight for life in hospital a few days later.
“The shock and tragedy of these acts reminds us there is no such thing as routine in policing. We never really know where the dangers and threats come from. Our communities are lucky to be served by such committed public servants. We are honoured to represent them.
“Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all of the family, friends, and colleagues of those we have lost.”

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