Former EuroCOP President and now ExCom member Angels Bosch has been contributing to an online information sharing session around policing public order.
Angels joined police leaders from the UK, France and Catalonia to share best practice in how to balance the right to protest with public safety and respect for others.
The event was hosted by the Catalan Ombudsman, which has recently advised the region’s Government on its public order policing model.
The event aimed to give real practical examples from across Europe to help the Mossos d’Esquadra police public order events and protests with the ‘highest level’ of public acceptance.
In particular, interesting examples from Northern Ireland, a hotbed of sectarian marches and public order incidents over many decades, were shared.
Delegates heard how a lack of resources and costs can hamper policing public order protests and events.
Many speakers said they believe that talking to protestors before planned events and communicating with them throughout is key to finding the balance between their right to protest and the safety of them and police officers.
Minimising the use of force, and the impact of the rights of citizens, and maximising communication and transparency between police and protestors at all times were discussed as critical elements for forces to keep in mind.
Remembering police officers’ rights as employees during any such moments of public unrest or disorder also must always be remembered too.

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