Dear official campaign partners,

A little bit earlier than initially planned, we are pleased to inform you that you can now order material via our EU-OSHA’s Online Collaborative Tool (Ms Teams).  You will be able to order printed copies of campaign publications in 25 language versions and promotional material to support your promotion actions. The period to place your orders will be open until the 26th of February 2021.

In order to use the online collaborative tool, you will receive shortly an invitation to join from EU-OSHA, i.e. [email protected]– if any technical issue pops up, please contact us and we will put you in contact with our IT team.

When you access Ms Teams, you will find a Documentation folder with the following information:

  1. The instructions to access publications order form. Please make sure you read them.
  2. The instructions to fill in the order form. It is crucial you read them before and when filling-in the Excel order form so you feel comfortable with the logic.
  3. And  a description of the material offered to you.

In the OCPs material orders Teams under General> files>2021 you will find the above mentioned Documentation folder, as well as a list of organisations who joined us as campaign partners. Click on the folder with the name of your organisation and you will find your order form.  

We are organising an info session on 18 February from 11:00 to 12:00 to assist you with the process, give you some useful tips and to clarify any questions and doubts. You can join directly to the info session via this link on MS Teams.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the above mentioned documents and found your organisation folder with the Excel order form, please place your order by the 26th of February 2021.

Looking forward to receive your orders!

Best regards,

Your Healthy Workplaces Campaign Team

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