Joint conference on Trade Union rights organised by EPSU, EuroCOP, and EUROMIL to take place on 22nd September in Skopje, North Macedonia.
EuroCOP Head of Office Nigel Dennis said “Three European Trade Union Federations representing workers across the public services are holding a EU funded conference on Trade Union rights which will take place on the 22nd September 2022 in Skopje, North Macedonia.
“The conference is the final event of a two-year, European Commission funded project which has been exploring the challenges of asserting and defending trade union rights for all public service workers, including civil servants, police and military personnel.
“It has provided an excellent opportunity for our three federations to work together and has included a focus on monitoring the transposition of the Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive. The Directive provides Member States with the possibility of excluding a broad range of public service workers from its scope. With many countries yet to transpose the Directive into National Legislation, the three federations are still very much concerned about the potential use of this unnecessary and discriminatory provision that goes well beyond anything included in previous social legislation and sets a worrying precedent.
“We hope that by the time of the conference we will be able to report that no Member State has used the exclusion, but this will not end the debate and we will want to discuss how to ensure that such provisions are not put forward in any future European Social Legislation.”
EPSU, EuroMill and EuroCOP are looking forward to affiliates from all 3 organisations coming together in Skopje and becoming a force for good in this extremely important area of social dialogue legislation.
Further, more detailed administrative conference arrangements to follow in the coming weeks.

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