To: The President of EuroCop, Mrs. Angels Bosch Mrs. President,

We were particularly pleased to learn of your initiative to inform, immediately, in your letter of 16-09-2020, the Vice President of the European Commission, Mr. Margaritis SCHINAS, about the tragic events in the Moria camp.

It was a development, as you know, for which our Federation had strongly expressed its anxieties, long before it happened. In fact, you have experienced the same fears in the context of our cooperation and our joint actions in recent years, either in the context of the operations of EuroCOP, or in the context of the operation of our Federation here in our country.

Our goal is common and requested to exert the maximum possible pressure on the central bodies of the European Union and on anybody that can contribute to tackling the immigration-refugee crisis. Greece, as we have pointed out, due to its geographical location, bears burdens that do not belong to it and the Greek Police, seek European support and cooperation, defending our common European borders.

In this context, the Federation welcomes your every further initiative to achieve our common goals and declares its willingness to strengthen it in any way and in any way requested by us on your part. At this stage, we believe that, for obvious reasons, our participation in the meeting you have requested to have with the Greek Vice President of the European Commission, Mr. Margaritis, SCHINAS, would be useful.

We are at your disposal, with the certainty that the immediacy in our action and the strengthening of our fighting front, both in Greece and abroad, will bring the desired result faster.


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