Statement on the implications of the Coroner’s inquest finding into the fatal collision at sea on the 8 th of March 2020 near Gibraltar.
The European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) believes it is right and proper that whenever any death or serious injury occurs after police contact that the events should be subject to independent investigation. EuroCOP believes that such independent investigations are crucial for the maintenance of public confidence in the police, and fully respects those involved in such investigations and the burden they carry.
The deaths of Mohamed Abdeslam Ahmed and Mustafa Dris Mohamed following a collision with a Royal Gibraltar Police Interceptor on the 8 th of March in a tragedy and our condolences are extended to the family.
EuroCOP supports the Gibraltar Police Federation (GPF) and their legitimate concerns over the finding of unlawful killing in this case.
The officers from the Royal Gibraltar Police were responding to a direct request from colleagues in Spain to assist in bringing suspects of serious criminality to justice.
This finding will have significant implications for the cross jurisdictional fight against international serious and organised crime for the whole of Europe. Police officers need to know they will have the support of their leaders when acting in good faith to prevent the importation of drugs and other illegal items through the southern shores of Europe.
The spontaneous and dynamic fight against international serious organised criminality does not and should not be hindered by bureaucratic process, and the public would not accept that drug traffickers are simply ignored if on the wrong side of an imaginary line in the sea.
That senior officers from the Royal Gibraltar Police did not speak in support of their colleagues, or provide critical context on operational practicality is reprehensible. We believe that had they done so, the jury may well have reached a different conclusion.
EuroCOP fully supports the GPF in the support of their members at this time.

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