Trade union rights in the public services; A report to the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe, on behalf of the European Trade Union Federations – EPSU, EuroCOP and EUROMIL
Dear colleagues,
Please find attached an unprecedented input by the three European trade union/ federations EPSU, EuroCOP and EUROMIL to the reporting system of the European Social Charter reporting cycle 2022 on the thematic group “Labour Rights” which includes amongst others the trade union rights (freedom of association, right to collective bargaining and right to collective action, including strike action).
The attached report is the (interim) result of a two years project these organisations are running with the financial support of the European Commission and to which the ETUC has with pleasure also largely contributed with expert input. The project focusses amongst others on the respect -both in law and practice- of trade union rights in the public sector in general and the police and armed forces in particular in 32 countries. Following the suggestion of the ETUC, the findings and outcomes of the discussions at five (online) regional meetings were put together in this report in order to submit it to the ECSR as a comparative observation to the reporting cycle 2022.
On the 22nd September 2022 in Skopje North Macedonia a Conference has been arranged which will be the first opportunity to come together in person and explore the challenges faced by Public Service workers freedom of association, right to collective bargaining and right to collective action. Invitations to affiliates to this event will be sent out shortly.
Find the full report here

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