European Commission
European Commission publishes draft act on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO): The Commission has opened a draft act focused on categories of personal data and data subjects to feedback for a four-week period. The draft delegated regulation will define the category of data subjects as well as the portion of their personal data, that will be able to be processed in the index by the EPPO (link).
European Council renews EU terrorist list: The European Council has renewed the EU’s terrorist list for a period of six months. The latest list now contains 14 persons and 21 entities, all subject to restrictive measures aimed at combating terrorism (link).
National updates
Denmark: The Danish government has decided to provide 7 million kroner of funding to strengthen the Danish judiciary in 2020. Following this decision, Chairman of the Association of Civil Servants Pia Brostrøm urged the government to not overlook the need to reinforce the rest of the criminal justice chain as well.
Other news
Europol produces 2019 review of online jihadist propaganda: The report discusses the most significant trends and developments over the course of 2019 with respect to propaganda created by the most prominent Sunni jihadist groups. The paper focuses on techniques the organisations use to adapt to the latest political and operational realities (link).

 Council of Europe publishes reports on Turkey: The CoE’s Anti-torture committee has published two reports on its 2017 period and 2019 ad hoc visits to Turkey. Following the close examination of the treatment and conditions of detention of people held by the authorities the reports confirm continued ill-treatment and torture in the country (link).

 ETUC demands that the EU ratifies Istanbul Convention: Following discussions in Poland of a potential withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, an international treaty on violence against women, the ETUC has publicly demanded that EU leaders prioritise the ratification of the treaty at EU-level (link).


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